So we said we were going to give some free information on how to sell and close more effectively over the phone. The phone is an absolute weapon and can make any company, person or organization extremely large sums of money. In this post we will be giving you a snippet of the actual full phone training and selling services we provide for many of our clients. If you would like testimonials or to talk to businesses that have actually gone through our phone selling/closing programs please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with some people who have agreed to give out unbiased information. One of them being an orthodontist from British Columbia who has spoken with many people about how this training has helped his staff exponentially grow their practice.

Anyways, back to the free stuff. Here are 5 great tips to help you get better at closing sales on the phone (credit to Grant Cardone):

  1. Know when to close. Whether you are in person or on the phone, it is important to know when to stop selling and start closing. Many people ask for the close way to early before they have built trust or given enough information. On the other side of things, more people than you would think never even ask for the close and just hope the sale falls right into their lap. Present the proper amount of information, build trust and then ask for the close with confidence.
  2. Be clear with your customer. Don’t hide anything especially not price. Show them that you are willing to do whatever it takes to look out for their best interest. Be upfront and honest.
  3. Be realistically confident. Sometimes sales just aren’t meant to be closed. But when a customer is on the fence and making complaints, objections or excuses confidence in yourself, in your product and in your company goes a long way.
  4. Don’t treat complaints as objections. Everyone is going to complain about price at some point. Don’t treat your potential clients comments as objections unless they really are. Ask good questions, don’t rant and ramble on and just say “let’s do this”
  5. Smile and be excited. Even if you are talking on the phone, smiling can make it big difference. It changes the tone of your voice and your demeanor. Always smile in a sale regardless of whether it is in person or not.

Hopefully some of these tips were beneficial for you! Again, if you are looking for a testimonial that is unbiased about our phone closing training go to and ask for the orthodontist. Thanks so much!

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