Phones and cell phones are truly amazing. As we have said they have revolutionized the world. They can turn a one man show into a multi million dollar company. They allow humans to communication with each other on a daily basis. Heck, our entire business is based around phones.

texting and driving

With all of this said, we want to convey the importance of being responsible with your phones, mainly cell phones. The reason behind this stems from the fact that we just read an excerpt about the best dentist in langley who has had to preform many oral surgeries this year. The causation of these injuries were due to people using their cell phones while driving which then resulted in an automobile accident. The doctor said he has seen more injuries from car phone related accidents than anything else this year.

We do not want to scare you, but after our organization read this story we felt the need to let our audience know that texting/talking and driving is very dangerous. We ask you to make a vow to yourself, your family, friends and other people on the road that you will not use your cell phone without a hands free device while you are behind the wheel of a car. We say this because we care about your health and your life.

If you think this is too difficult to commit to then go invest in a hands free device. We promise it will be worth it. In order to participate in the pledge please contact us. We want to make the road safer for everyone and preserve lives. A text or a call can wait!

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